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Cab of a GG-1

The Side Track
Photo Page

Here are some rail photos I have taken over the years.

There will be new ones added from time to time.

Pierce Haviland running the Amtrak Acela simulator in Wilmington, DE

In the 1970s, I ran the GG-1

Amtrak purchased the E60 from GE to replace the GG-1. They did not work out very well, but a few are still in service.

The workhorse for Amtrak on the Northeast corridor is the AEM-7. This one is stopped at Metropark, NJ

An AEM-7 heads towards Philadelphia near Metropark, NJ in 2001

Some AEM-7 units have been upgraded with AC traction power.

A Metro-North training train heads towards Danbury at Dykemans, NY on the Beacon Line

My neighborhood. NJT train 1601 rolls through Hillsdale, NJ in 1998

Winters can be rough in New York's Hudson Valley. This Metro-North M-1 train is stopped in Tarrytown before heading to NY.

A Metro-North training trains stops at Hopewell Jct., NY on the Beacon Line

I work in Grand Central Terminal in New York.

The Hudson-Bergen light rail line runs from Bayonne to Jersey City, NJ. It will be extended to Hoboken next year.

This was the first passenger train in Wassaic, NY in over 25 years. It was a Metro-North inspection train.

The Kowloon Canton Railroad (KCR) in China carries over 800,000 customers a day. I rode it in June of 2001.

I started my railroad career as a fireman with Penn Central in 1971

In a unique photo, a Metro-North F10 on the Harlem Line passes under a FL9-powered training train on the Towners Bridge of the Beacon Line.

A Metro-North FL9 on the Towners Bridge of the Beacon Line.

In the 1970s, I worked as a fireman on the United Aircraft turbos that ran between Penn Station, NY and Boston

Another Beacon Line photo, this one at Whaley Lake

A CDOT GP40 rebuild unit. Engineers like to run these engines. They are very fast.

Metro-North engine 2012 painted in old New York Central Railroad colors
Photo by Ron Yee



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Pierce Haviland


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